Online Presence Management

Why your online presence matters, and how to take control of it

Ever since digital marketing became the next big way to spend money on advertisement, some people have been scratching their heads when it comes to online presence management.


What do we mean when we say managing an online presence? We’re talking about the ways you can make sure your business is being viewed by potential customers. But there are a lot of steps along the way that will lead people to your website. So that means even if your website is up to date, you could be lacking in other key areas. What can your business do to improve its rankings? We provide a short list of what’s working and what isn’t in 2018 online presence management. Let’s get started!

Social Media

Are you on YouTube? What about Facebook? Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit? It isn’t exactly necessary to be on every single one of these platforms, but what platforms you are on will say a lot about who you are as a company. Remember who your audience is, and act accordingly. If the demographics you’re hitting are all watching YouTube videos, you better be on YouTube (or, at the very least, you should be utilizing a social media influencer). Brand recognition is important, but no one will recognize you if you aren’t showing up on popular social media platforms!

Update, Update, Update

What’s worse than a company that you never hear from? Well, nothing. You aren’t effective if you aren’t reaching out to your customers, and more importantly, to your community. Make waves by regularly posting on social media and any relevant platform you may have. This includes your website! Keep a blog (like this one). Write articles worth reading. Leverage SEO to find niche search terms and write around that. It’s vital to keep your content fresh if you want to be effective at online presence management.

The Customer is Right

Let’s remember why you’ve gotten this far: the customer! Unsure of where to turn next in managing your online presence? It’s vital that you constantly gauge feedback from the community. Not only does it demonstrate value to your customers, it gives you insight into what’s working and what isn’t! Your ability to change is one of the greatest strengths you will have in online presence management. Take the feedback you get and learn from your mistakes! It’s the only way to grow as a business, and your customers will be thankful. That means more traffic and more loyalty.


Up Your Website Game

Want a pro tip straight from LumberPress? The key to online presence management lies in your website. A great website means customers will take your business seriously, and nothing changes the game like a stylish and up to date website. How do we know? We’re the best at providing small businesses with the tools they need to maintain a custom-built website without the hassle of a large digital marketing agency!


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