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Why your digital marketing might be lacking, and how to fix it

Is your business overspending on ads in the digital marketing field, without much result? You might be making one of these extremely common errors in digital marketing that have put inexperienced companies under in the past. We here at LumberPress walk through the details of what makes digital marketing so difficult, and what your business can do to change up its strategy. Interested? Let’s get started!



The first mistake on our list doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it speaks to a multitude of problems in the era of digital marketing. First, your strategy should be changing because the internet changes. Constantly. What do we mean? Well, digital marketing strategies this year might not be relevant next year, and this was the same for the past five years. The way we reach consumers evolves at lightning speed, and if you don’t have a team that can keep up, you’re going to end up wasting money on unnecessary projects.


Businesses that best adapt to change online are the ones that are the most successful in their digital ad campaigns. These companies aren’t afraid to innovate and take (calculated) risks when it comes to the latest digital trends, such as social media influencers. There’s certainly profit to be found in these trends, but it also pays to be careful when it comes to overhauling your campaign after reading a few articles. The best option is to choose a healthy middle ground: test the waters before you find what fits for your company online. Just don’t be surprised if that tactic doesn’t work forever! Be open to change.



The next item on our list gets a little more specific. We’re talking about search engine optimization, or how your business ranks on search engines. We won’t talk about why it’s so important, but with how quickly things are getting indexed on the internet, SEO is a difficult thing to get right.


How are successful marketers fixing that issue? Partially through changing up their strategy on how they SEO. To take a page out of our last list item, change is important in cultivating a unique online presence. That also applies to how you do SEO. Generating fresh content is equally important, as is relying on customer experience. The happier consumers are with your site, the longer they stay, which will rank you higher in search engines.



This last item in our list goes back to number one yet again. Ambition is a great thing to have for any company, especially the small ones looking to prove themselves. But too much ambition, combined with a lack of experience, can ruin any hope of success. It’s pointless to be ambitious if you aren’t smart about it. Equally, having lofty goals that can’t be achieved with your budget is a waste of money and time. Digital marketing is fickle and difficult, and results can vary, especially when you’re first starting out. Don’t expect your company’s page to get a million views when it was created yesterday. Are you following? Be ambitious, but understand that it’s a long road ahead!



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