SEO for Small Business

how important is it?

Why is it so important that SEO for small businesses be on point and up to date? Well, if you’re doing any online marketing, SEO is vital for a flourishing business. No one’s going to give you business if they can’t find you online. Similarly, the higher you rank, the better your results will be. What’s that mean for your bottom line exactly? It means more customers. Simple, right? Here are four key aspects of SEO that small businesses need to take advantage of to get ahead in digital marketing.


This is the most basic component of SEO for small businesses. It means updating the content on your site with relevant search keywords. It also means using alt tags for media and revising your slugs with common search words. There are quite a few keyword research sites out there to use, which will show you what words you need to rank higher.


A good SEO practice is using backlinks. These are links to your site from more reputable ones. This establishes you as an authority, and lends validity to your business. But how do you get content onto these sites? They’re probably used to sorting through crappy offers from companies, so it’s vital you make the content you’re offering exceptional. In other words, don’t skimp on writing, even if it means utilizing a freelance writer or someone in-house. Just get someone who knows what they’re doing, or no external company is going to offer you the opportunity to backlink.


New Content

Generating weekly or even daily content is an important ranking factor for search engines like Google. It paints your website and company in a more positive light. While you’re at it, make the content you’re pushing out actually good. That’ll bring not only a loyal viewership, but will allow you to rank favorably on search engines. When writing content, be creative and relevant. No one wants to read the same boring article that explains the same information they can find elsewhere. What makes this content unique? Play to a voice or an opinion, but keep it fresh, playful, and above all tasteful.



While this tactic isn’t related to keywords or content, it’s extremely important. Why? People trust users reviews more than your statistics and articles. Encouraging people to leave reviews after a positive experience can really boost your rank in search engines. It shows you as extremely reliable and more of a valid business.


Follow these four mantras for SEO for small businesses and you’ll see amazing improvements within the year. It’s a slow process, but it really pays off if you give enough attention to your digital marketing strategy. We don’t have to convince you of the importance of SEO: the results are there for all to see online!