Good Digital Marketing Campaigns

What makes a digital ad campaign effective?

What goes into making good digital marketing campaigns? Why do so many companies keep making the same mistakes when it comes to how they’re strategizing marketing campaign efforts? We take a quick look at the good digital marketing campaigns flourishing in 2018, and why they’re buzzworthy. There are a few simple (but genius) things you can do to take your marketing to the next level, and we’ve compiled a list to show you what businesses are doing well this year. Let’s get started!


This seems like a no-brainer, but a lot of companies aren’t communicating with their customer base. What does that look like? Blog posts, fresh content, fostering an online community. The internet has made it easy to spark a conversation about a topic, yet company forums and blogs are, well, lacking. If you want to step your game up in the digital marketing era, invite content creators (pillars of the digital community) to write an article for your site. Nothing gets people talking faster than valued, quality content.

Lighten Up

We see too many companies that are stuck in the traditions of their brand and of their product. Even older companies are waking up to the fact that old marketing tactics aren’t working. The newer generations appreciate, among other things, lighthearted connections. Some businesses are handling their social media, for example, as though a cynical, humorous millennial was behind the wheel (which might even be the case). Look at Wendy’s twitter. They reach out to their community in a way that is unapologetic and even funny. Customers like when people are genuine. So lighten up a little!


We get it: catering to customers is a difficult endeavor. But in 2018 it’s more important than the campaign itself. Stop asking yourself what customers want, and ask them directly! Feedback is vital to growing your business. Even if you’re running successful campaigns, there’s always room for improvement. The top companies today are taking their time with customer care, because they recognize the value of retaining loyal customers. Not only does it show off the importance and staying power of your brand, it’s basically free word-of-mouth advertising!



This one is tricky, but try to stay relevant. Always be in the conversation, but be wary of taking sides. You want to leverage what’s going on in the world. That means attending events and conferences related to your field. Pepsi, for example, failed miserably at this by trying to leverage the tense political climate. It was so bad that they issued an apology and scrapped the ad. Heineken, as a contrast, used a genuine campaign of bringing people together from opposing political viewpoints to talk about their differences (over a beer). Why do we bring up these two examples? It shows that if you’re tone deaf to how your ads will be viewed, you’re going to find yourself in hot water quickly, especially with how fast news spreads online. Leverage, but leverage smart.


We hope you enjoyed this short list on good digital marketing campaigns. Want to find out why we’re the kings of digital marketing? Check out LumberPress here, to see what we can do to take your website to the next level.