Digital Marketing Agencies: Fact and Fiction

Let’s talk about digital marketing trends. In the age of technology, digital marketing is vital to your business. That much is obvious. But how do you know what kind of digital marketing company you need to hire? Here are the options: a large, brand-name digital marketing agency, a costly digital marketing employee, or a local and trusted digital marketing team like LumberPress. What’s the difference, you’re asking? Let’s talk.


Digital Marketing Agencies

Large digital marketing agencies usually deal with big firms and companies, and lose a sense of personality to a rigid corporate framework. They aren’t invested in how their clients perform, but instead worry about their own bottom line. It's reasonable to assume when a client calls the agency, they want to talk to the same person so they know they’re getting a consistent view of their projects and goals. But that’s something you hardly see, because their projects constantly change hands, often to people who know nothing of the product or service being marketed until it’s on their desk.


There are a lot of digital marketing agencies which tell you, “that’s not our job”, who focus only on the vitality of their own company. They even outsource their work to other countries in order to build sites and content at a competitive rate, and to cut costs for themselves. Why doesn’t this work for smaller clients? In essence, what your business receives is a cookie cutter model that doesn’t feel unique because it’s not crafted with care.


Digital Marketing Employment

Another viable option is to hire a digital marketing coordinator or digital marketing director to create and manage all your digital marketing in-house. So here you have the benefit of catering precisely to your vision, but at the cost of expensive wages, and the prospect of your employee ditching the company for a better opportunity when it arises.


Digital Marketing Teams

Where does LumberPress fit into all of this? Well, we aren’t just a digital marketing agency, but a digital marketing team, because we cater to smaller local businesses. We take our time with our clients; there are certain things in month one that can change how your company is being marketed, but by the third month we’re confident in getting your business a consistent, well-rounded report on your digital marketing strategies.


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