How to Build a Website

Who We Are

Nobody knows on day one what to expect when building a website. Not Google, or Yahoo, or Bing. There were goals and lofty expectations, but those things are always a far cry from the very beginning. This can feel pretty daunting; it’s impossible to tell where to turn to first. LumberPress make it easy by mapping out your approach from the very start.


What We Do

Not everyone knows this, but every page you build is a landing page. Expect your users and customers to be dropped onto any page; it has to give a spectacular impression, right? Yet most people think users will navigate the site like they do. The truth is that your website won’t feel as intuitive as you think it is until it’s subjected to testing. We’re here to pass those user tests with flying colors.


It’s also vital that you tailor your content to your audience. 25% of content is time based  (festival, movies, holidays); they revolve around a schedule and, more often, a deadline. It’s important to understand what points in time you should be hitting on your website to attract more users. Local Chinese festival in town and your website is partnered with a Chinese company? Blast it for the web to see. Catering and tailoring time-specific content is extremely important for your website and your following--it shows you’re up to date on current events, and you’re willing to engage with things happening outside your business.


Gaining Customers

Let’s move on to incentives. These are the treats that your company offers through your website. They could look like discounts for early purchasers and partnerships, time-specific sales, or even a rewards program that keeps users coming back. Retention of clientele is obviously important, but what takes your business to the next level is offering them a reason to come to your website and stick around long enough to buy.


Even the big companies had room to improve when they first started out. We guarantee that sleek website you saw the other day didn’t always look like that. Building something so impressive takes time. But LumberPress is here to work with you every step of the way--by checking in monthly--to ensure you’re seeing the evolution of your website and company.

Quantity, Quality

Here’s a tip: quantity is something you can’t discount. Of course your website should be top quality, but that means nothing if you only have one single page. Your website is ranked partially by how “big” your website is. Does your website link to other credible websites? Is your content diverse, engaging, and numerous? Your website should be devoted to churning out pages each month, so that you’re seen as more reputable to search engines. More credibility, more views, more customers. Simple as that.


Search engines are also on the lookout for nuanced content. Your page won’t do well among ranks if every page is a clone of itself. That’s a quick way to get marked as spam. How does Lumberpress help you here? We’re dedicated to producing varied content that not only pops, but it’s also quality stuff that gives your business even more credibility.


LumberPress works in SEO, keywords, and advanced marketing strategies so you can help see an uptick in page views, and ultimately, customers! Come check us out, you won’t be disappointed: