Cool Website Ideas

Is your website lacking the creative, eye-popping content that users expect from the internet these days? Unsure of where to begin, or don’t know what form is right for the content you’re pushing? Look no further! We here at LumberPress drum up a list of cool website ideas that will take your traffic and image to the next level. Let’s get started.



You can thank Buzzfeed for this one. It’s why the internet is full of tips and tricks in the form of clickbait lists. Why are they so popular? They take all of three minutes to read, and use colorful images and bubbly language to attract an audience. What’s better is their staying power. One list, if curated correctly, leads to another, and then another. Soon two hours pass and you’re still clicking through a website. Good news for people tracking traffic!



When companies implement these on their website, it’s usually done poorly. Like anything else online, infographics should cater to graphic design, shareability, and data. If you aren’t hitting these three cornerstones, don’t bother integrating an infographic. Why are they effective? They’re professional, help educate users without overburdening them with dense copy, and just look great. Anything to attract the eye on your website in a meaningful way is a win. Just make sure you’re including the correct information in a meaningful way.


Before and After

This kind of content is great to show progress for a service or product. How has your company transformed the lives of others? What has your product done that you want to show off? The before picture showcases the old way, and the after is how your business is changing the game. Doesn’t matter what sector you operate in, though some can be easier than others. Don’t go too overboard with the design elements of this; it can be pretty simple and effective. Some sites even opt to use this type of content on their landing page.


Video Content

Forget words. They’re the thing of the past when it comes to marketing your content to the younger generations. With everything on the internet being so fast paced, you need content that speaks to your audience and gets your message across within ten seconds. There’s no better way to do that than with video content. This form of content is difficult to master, but it’s one of the most effective things out there today.


Buyer’s Guides

Here’s a niche piece of content to end our list. Buyer’s guides come in various forms, but they all seek to explain your product in an entertaining way. They highlight features without being too pushy the way ads are. Bonus points if you’re using an independent content creator in your sector to rate and review your product. People don’t realize it, but buyer’s guides are ads that pay for themselves in no time. Just remember to be honest and genuine about your service or product, because the internet has a way of calling you on dishonesty.


This concludes our list of cool website ideas, but there are a ton more out there you can experiment with. It all depends on the kind of website you envision for your business. Nothing will hit the mark until you see the numbers, so make sure you’re trying new things and tracking your progress! Want to learn more about what we do as web designers? Check out our site here.