What to Expect From a New Website

Let’s acknowledge the obvious: Rome wasn’t built in a day. You aren’t going to start a website and get a million clicks and page visits overnight. In the website world, that just doesn’t happen. But every major website has one thing in common: they evolved into what they are today over time. And guess what? That means you can too. LumberPress is here to take your company’s website to the next level. How do we do that? Let’s walk through it.



Traffic is mediated by us through google ranks and social media. We also deal with personal referrals and review listings. We find the perfect methods that let your website reach its widest audience, all without the hassle of combing the depths of the web yourself. And with monthly meetings, we can go over how your website is doing, and what potential directions you want to take it in. We’ll suggest awesome ways to improve, and start working immediately to make your website a more modern and approachable one.



Grassroots campaigns may be slow, but they’re also fruitful endeavors. Your business cards with your new website hold a lot of weight among family and friends, especially when word gets around about your service. The website LumberPress creates for you becomes the identity you can push your business with, and that means you can easily name-drop that identity wherever you go. It also means you’re geared for the modern marketplace: no more directing potential clients to an embarrassing 90’s style website that doesn’t even look right on a mobile device. At LumberPress, your website is dressed to impress.


What Works

Here’s an easy adage to remember: What you need is what works. When you find what resonates with your customers, the traffic will come to you and your site. LumberPress is all about finding what works, and we’re dedicated to figuring it out. Every approach is unique to your business strategy, which means you’ll get the personal attention you deserve when we dive into building your website. When it comes to managing and directing traffic, LumberPress is a vital marketing choice. We’ve worked with many sites to increase their clicks and customer base, and we know we’ll work for you, too.


Intrigued? We thought so. Schedule a consultation to see what you’re missing out on at lumberpress.com