Team Augmentation

The future of building your business

The Problem


With any organization, it is important to have competent staff with the skills to complete projects efficiently. In this day and age, however, a company’s needs are bound to be constantly changing, especially when it comes to I.T. It seems illogical to hire full-time, long-term employees to work on tasks and projects that may not even exist in a matter of months. At the same time, completely outsourcing your I.T. needs or specific projects may seem daunting; what if the firm you outsource to doesn’t understand or appreciate your vision? What if you want to have a hand in all operations of your business to ensure they’re streamlined and seamless?


The Solution


Luckily, there’s a happy medium between full-time employees and outsourcing certain projects. The solution is called staff augmentation, and it means just thataugmenting the staff you already have, per your company’s needs. Staff augmentation allows an organization to hire contractors or a firm for as long as necessary, to work only with what requires an extra hand. This saves you time, money, and labor.


How do you know if staff augmentation is the right choice for your business? Here are the main benefits and features of this solution:


Oversight and Integration


Staff augmentation allows you to monitor and manage what your contractors are doing. This ensures that everything produced by the firm is in line with your vision and what the rest of your business is creating. Plus, staff augmentation is easier to seamlessly incorporate into your current processes, and less time-consuming than taking on a new hire.


Teamwork and Negotiation


Hiring a contractor or firm to work with you means there is a collaborative dynamic that you just can’t get with outsourcing. You can brief the specialists on your needs, and they can help you understand what they’re doing and why it works.


Low Cost, Little Commitment


Staff augmentation allows you to negotiate rates, hours, and length of contracts with your I.T. contractors so that you only get work that benefits your business, all while saving money. This is imperative in not only cutting costs, but it also allows your business to be adaptable alongside the constantly-changing I.T. sector.


Specialist Expertise


Instead of hiring a number of employees with specific skills, or completely handing over all processes to another firm, staff augmentation allows you to employ contractors and firms for the specific skills and expertise that you need. This way, you get focused talent and insight that’s essential to growing your company, for as long as you need.


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