The Wellness Trend: How it Affects Marketing

American Anxiety

Stress levels and a general malaise in America is rising, and with it, comes new wellness trends. Americans are increasingly turning to fitness to remedy the anxiety they face in daily life, so what’s that mean for marketing strategies? Health & wellness is here to stay, as it’s expected to be the next trillion dollar industry. With this expanding market comes a new set of rules for catering to the average consumer. Let’s dive into the patterns we’ve been seeing.


Defining The Wellness Trend

When we talk about health & wellness in 2018, we’re not talking about a visit to the doctor or dentist. We mean physical fitness, but we’re also defining it as spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. The market is expanding because of this broad definition and scope of wellness. Products that wouldn’t normally be defined as fitting in this category suddenly have a chance to hit the demographics obsessed with finding healthy ways to live their lives.


What’s the biggest demographic purchasing health & wellness products, anyway? It may or may not come as a surprise to you when we tell you it’s women 18-30 years old who are buying into the newest American health craze. From digital fitness trackers to dietary supplements and food products, these wellness trends are hitting explosive numbers with millennial, Gen Z, and Gen X women.


Going Green

The upcoming generations are not only more health conscious, but also environmentally conscious too. Products that are certifiably green and which strive for a lower carbon footprint are more likely to be viewed as authentic and reliable to younger consumers. Here’s a facet to the health and wellness trends that your business can’t overlook, regardless of the sector you’re in. Going green is not only the responsible move, it’s smart from a marketing standpoint. Cut costs and gain loyal customers by riding the wave of environmentalism and sustainability.



Here’s a difficult-to-define term, but mindfulness is a key wellness trend that marketers are scrambling to understand and monetize. Sustainability is a facet of mindfulness that encourages consumers to take their time in researching products and companies, which means your business profile has to be impeccable. What’s the short takeaway? It means being transparent in business practices and approaching a consumer on their terms. If you’re going to participate in unethical sales, the internet is going to find out pretty quickly.


Here’s your bottom line

These trends, even if your product is completely unrelated, are shaping the way companies present themselves and interact with customers. A more health-conscious, holistic approach is sure to garner positive attention, and not taking advantage of these wellness trends is just asking to lose out on easy capital.