The Importance of Digital Media Marketing

What is Digital Media Marketing?

Here’s a very buzzword-y phrase that you may hear often from marketing strategists: digital media marketing. The reason so many people are talking about it today (and have been for the past fifteen or so years) is because of where potential customers are. The internet changed the way we look at marketing because, like the TV and radio, an audience can now be reached in their own homes. Unlike the TV or radio, however, the internet is an entity which is constantly with someone. Smartphones have made getting online instantaneous, which means the likelihood of a person seeing advertisements while online is stronger than ever before.


The Digital Media Marketing Strategy

What does that mean for a marketing team? It means the focus has shifted from a physical platform to a digital one. Ads have catered to re-formatting their content based on computer and phone screens. That’s because the way we have consumed media has fundamentally changed. We no longer rely on programming and media that is scheduled, as is the case of the 24-hour news cycle. In other words, we don’t have to wait to find out what we don’t know. Information can be accessed anywhere, and as a result, much of it is consumed on a time-dependent basis. While this has helped the spread of false and misleading information simply because it was published faster, this also means the more focused and updated your content is, the higher chance it has of reaching a key audience. 


The Business Bottom Line

It makes sense that ads today prioritize a digital media market, so the importance of digital media marketing in the digital age can't be understated. More people than ever are using the internet for daily needs, from news and job searches, to directions and catching up with friends. Services especially are getting digitized at a fast rate. Each bit of media is another chance to market a product or service, and it’s easy to get lost in a sea of opportunities. When your company is focused on getting content to these areas, your site traffic will show positive results.


But where do you start?


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