Data Driven Marketing

Why Should I Care?

Data. It’s everywhere in buzzworthy marketing articles like this one. Data-miners collect every detail of us on the internet, and for good reason. Data driven marketing is the next big thing as marketing departments ramp up ad revenue spending. If you aren’t yet convinced about the hype, consider these stats: we perform 40,000 searches on Google every second. There are about 500 million tweets sent out every day. Data production will be 44 times greater in two years than it was in 2009. And only 0.5% of all data is currently analyzed and used in any capacity.


What’s It Mean for Business?

But what’s the benefit of this big amalgam of data? The truth is, digital marketing wouldn’t be where it is today without data. Tons of data collected on consumers and their habits online create a profile of the American--and global, for that matter--psyche. What’s that mean to marketers, though? And how can they start leveraging all this data?


It means ads are more accurate, more targeted, and they produce bigger results. The more data-driven your marketing approach is, the more likely you’ll see success reaching key demographics in your sector. Why’s it so effective? Data-driven marketing hones in on personalized ad spaces. Every consumer is unique, and reaching younger audiences is especially challenging because the internet has allowed them to experience everything already. Data, when used correctly, lets marketers bypass that stubborn wall by catering directly to consumers in a tailored way. That helps every branch of your company, from sales to customer service.


Feedback First

It doesn’t stop at targeting audiences for maximized profits. Data-driven marketing equals all kinds of information at your fingertips. This data goes towards areas of feedback and response, meaning your business addresses the biggest problems you may not even notice without a data-driven approach. Think surveys, reviews, testimonials. All these, if you aren’t using them already, are gems of information for even the biggest businesses.


The best part about data? It’s backed by solid information that’s showing you--often real-time-- what customers are thinking.


Your Bottom Line

Let’s be honest: data isn’t magic. If anything, it’s chaotic and, in incapable hands, useless and costly. Marketing strategies should develop around data, working with the insights it provides. That’s why it’s equally important to trust a team that knows what they’re doing when it comes to building your website and SEO profiles.


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