Digital Marketing Tools: 6 Must-Haves

There are a lot of digital marketing tools out there. But how do you know which ones are worth using and which ones are worth passing up? We here at LumberPress devised a short list of digital marketing tools that your business is better off using. Some have paid versions, and some are totally free! These tools are aimed at stepping up your digital marketing game. Let’s get started!


This easy-to-use SEO and Keyword tool is a great asset to your marketing team. It uses a simple format to track backlinks, trends, search volumes, and so much more. It makes content creation much easier by analyzing demand, and allows your business to target niche areas of Google and other search engines that aren’t getting enough attention.


Here’s another SEO tool; this one works as a plugin for WordPress, and offers an impressive but simple way to manage SEO, meta tags, and analytics for everything you put up online. What’s that mean for you? Higher ranks on search engines, and a more streamlined site.


Buzzsumo is of one of those must-have digital marketing tools. Why? It’s great at analyzing certain relevant keywords across social networks like Facebook, Reddit, and LinkedIn. The search function goes as far as a year back, and offers a comprehensive view of where you (and your competitors) gain potential traffic and clicks.


This tool is one of many chatbots out there that your business can use. It creates a simple chatbot that can be implemented on your site. We’ve talked about why chatbots are an underutilized tool in a different post, so we won’t go over their importance here. Just know that customers crave interaction, and ManyChat is one of many digital marketing tools geared towards doing just that.


Not a designer? No problem. Canva is a simple tool that lets you create practical mockups of just about anything design-related. It’s absolutely worth a try! The nice thing about Canva is how collaborative it is. Share anything with people in your office with the click of a button. This isn’t to say that Canva can replace a professional designer, but when you’re in a pinch for some quality material, you can’t go wrong with Canva.


Not a photographer or illustrator, either? Also no problem! Unsplash has all the high-quality and free photos you’ll ever need. Shout out the photographers if you want on your site, though it’s not required. Just like Canva, Unsplash isn’t looking to replace a professional, but it’s great for grabbing quick, eye-catching photos that look really good on your site.


Did one of your favorite digital marketing tools not make the list? Tell us about it! There are many tools out there that can be used effectively, and this list isn’t comprehensive. But they are tools that we think are absolutely noteworthy for what they do. Want to know what LumberPress brings to the digital marketing table? Check us out here.