Digital Customer Acquisition

What are the key components to digital customer acquisition? There are quite a few overarching strategies your company can employ to ensure greater success online. Let’s be honest: the online market is flooded with bad content and marketers who are ineffective at reaching customers. What can make you stand out from the millions of others who are trying to make a sale? Follow these rough guidelines and you’ll start seeing an increase in digital customer acquisition!


We don’t mean spam. Email campaigns are surprisingly effective for digital customer acquisition. Why’s that? They’re easy to craft, and reach the largest audience the quickest. The work you put into it is pretty easy, too. It doesn’t take long to create a quality email. The potential is limitless, but only if your subject line and body are relevant, interesting, and call the customer to action.

Social Media

How’s your presence on the popular social media platforms? Your business should update content here daily. Get people excited about what you’re doing. Offer promotions to those who follow you. Constantly link to your site and the blog you’re maintaining. These are just a few suggestions to follow for your social media presence, but they pay off in big ways. It’s no secret that everyone is on social media, so you’re reaching a huge audience. Nothing is more important in digital customer acquisition than social media.


Referrals are one of the biggest drivers of digital customer acquisition. Potential customers are more likely to listen to their friends than what you have to say about your product or service. That means when a friend refers someone else to your company, there’s a good chance they’ll follow through. Referral programs are a great way to incentivize your customers to actually go out and tell others about what you have to offer. It’s, in essence, free advertisement.


We’ve talked about this before in our previous post, but we’re bringing it up again because of how important backlinks can be for garnering attention and finding customers online. Backlinking is a lengthy process, because you have to convince a reputable website that your content is worth hosting, sharing, and promoting. As we said earlier, quality content is the key element here. Instead of writing a piece and trying to push it out to 1,000 websites, pick a few websites you want backlinks from and write around their subjects and audience. If the content is tailored to a specific place, it’s more likely to get noticed and accepted. Think about how you can forge a relationship with the website owners before you ask for backlinks and hosting. Do you have a foot in the door at this company? If not, what can you do through social media and emails to spark a conversation?


This is just a short but important list of ways you can get more customers in the digital realm. Of course, there are many more tactics out there, but we felt these few were a surefire way to drum up interest for your business online.