Gen Z Marketing

The most tech-savvy and social-media crazed generation, Gen Z, is the next purchasing powerhouse. They’re going to account for 40% of the American consumer base in just two years, so if your business isn’t catering to who they are and what they value, you’re going to miss out on big profits. But how are your strategies going to change? What is your Gen Z marketing plan looking like? We here at LumberPress take a glance at a few key ideas to try out for grabbing Gen Z’s fabled attention and loyalty.


Be Transparent

Let’s be honest: if your company runs shady claims or skimps out on services, the internet is going to find out. And no one group has more of an online presence than Gen Z, which means they’ll be the first to know. This generation relies on user reviews and reports, and will drop a brand if their favorite content creator doesn’t vibe with a product. In fact, the first thing Gen Z does when shopping is finding out what their peers are saying about it. Beat them to the punch by being open about what you do and what you sell. Gen Z values authenticity, and your market strategy should reflect their tastes for “real” companies.


Leverage the Internet

How dedicated is your marketing team to social media? Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Snapchat? How about individual content creators? Are you watching the numbers on these sites? Because they’re staggering: Gen Z spends most of their time online at these websites and platforms (and most of it is via smartphone). That means your strategy should be changing to reflect this. Start embracing video content to introduce your business. With endless entertainment online, Gen Z won’t read lengthy mission statements on your website. Is your website designed for mobile? These are just a few things to consider for digital marketing. Check out our post on digital marketing trends in 2018. Still not convinced? See why digital marketing is even important.


Be an Experience

Gen Z does not care about what you can do for them, but how you do it and what that means for them in the future. Start marketing an experience with strong customer values. It’s no longer about convincing someone to buy, it’s about persuading them to join your side. Does your company stand out from the rest? Gen Z isn’t going to waste their time on something they’ve seen before. Remember, the internet means they’ve seen everything. It also means that if you can’t give them what they are looking for within the first ten seconds, they’ll move on.


Establish Visual Appeal

Your product lacking is one thing, but the brand you’re using to sell is nearly equally important to Gen Z, who are used to how quickly they access high-end services online. If you’re not catching their attention with eye-popping visual detail and an enticing display, you’re not marketing to this generation correctly. Why’s this so important? Gen Z relies in some part on good design for sealing purchases. If a product isn’t being showcased in true fashion, they won’t bother with your business. This is especially true for mobile-designed websites and products. Is it hard to navigate? Does it look like it comes out of 2005? Pass.


This is a pretty short list; there are plenty more tips out there, but it’s a good place to start. Check out our blog for more posts on digital marketing trends and the latest on what’s happening in the world of web design.